Termico – wall-mounted thermostatic shower mixer


Series: Termico

Finish: Chrome


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Termico series by Laveo includes two models of thermostatic mixers which offer a comfortable solution when bathing.
The available shower and bath models guarantee maintaining an ideal water temperature at all times, thanks to which the right temperature at the shower is achieved within a few seconds, and does not change afterwards.
Any pressure variations in the system are readily compensated for thanks to which there is no risk of accidental skin burns.
Being decided to make a choice, please note its benefits, so among others it is worth mentioning a wide range of water temperature adjustment, measured with accuracy to one degree.
Thermostatic mixer prevents unintentional opening of the flow of water warmer than 38°C, and this is an excellent option for bathrooms which are used by small children or elderly people.
Termico mixer also means water saving (even more than 40%) as there is no need to release a large amount of cold water before bathing.
Subtle knobs guarantee comfortable operation, and shower switch allows for a convenient change of stream from the mixer to the hand shower.
Termico models by Laveo are covered by 8 years warranty for body and cartridge.
The collection is covered by service at customer’s location.

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