Raila – bidet mixer


Series: Raila

Finish: Chrome


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Raila collection is a series which has been enjoying great success for some time, and is a popular choice for newly renovated kitchens and bathrooms.
Its aesthetic finishes are balanced by light, slender shapes, and the finish will draw attention and add elegance.
Lovers of refined style can opt for white finish ideally matching the white of the room, while black colour scheme will satisfy expectations of those who seek bold ideas, and for those who go for the classic, finishes in chrome are provided.
You can choose from such models as washbasin (low and high), bath, shower and bidet mixers. The series is complemented by single-point shower set.
Classic upright mixer has an elegant silhouette and ideal proportions. A mixer with raised body is equipped with a long spout and will go perfectly with a large countertop washbasin. Both models are delivered with click-clack plug included.
Depending on a bathing area you can opt for either wall-mounted shower mixer, bath mixer or shower set for concealed installation in chrome finish. As far as the latter is concerned, all mounting elements are concealed in the wall, leaving more space around.

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