Preparation for cleaning steel sinks





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Kitchen and bathroom are places that are cleaned the most frequently.
Large surfaces which need cleaning, numerous nooks and everyday use makes the shine or maintenance in perfect cleanliness require quite a lot of effort and even more time.
To make the tasks less burdensome and even become an encouragement for quick cleaning without too much of an effort, it is worth trying preparations which will allow for efficient removal of soiling and keep the effect of freshness for as long as possible.
Laveo brand offers preparations which permit to achieve the desired effect.
Among them cleaning agents for both kitchen and bathroom area are available.
Sinks can be taken care of thanks to: Preparations for cleaning of steel sinks, Preparations for cleaning of granite sinks, Preparations for maintenance of granite sinks.
For mixers, Laveo brand offers two variants: Preparations for cleaning and care of bathroom and kitchen mixers and Preparations for cleaning and care of colour mixer taps.
These are efficient preparations which will facilitate outflow of water from the products, protect from formation of runs and allow for removal of limescale from surfaces.

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