Plado – linear drain 70 cm


Series: Plado

Finish: Stainless steel


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Plado collection are linear drains standing out with a high quality of product and good efficiency. The drains are made of high-quality stainless steel 304 which is characterised by a long lifetime. The product is covered by 10 years warranty by Laveo as the manufacturer.
Thanks to precision and careful processing drains can be distinguished by aesthetics and functionality.
This is a drain with grate suitable for tile-in installation. Such solution makes the drain barely visible which in turn allows to create a perfect harmony in the bathing area.
Adjustable legs included in the set will make precise and solid setting of the plane in the floor easier, and hook included is used to remove the cover. A wide offer of lengths of the drain will allow for its customisation, as the model comes in as many as six variants from 50 to 100 cm.
High permeability of 50 L/min ensures adequate water drainage when taking a bath.

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