Pinar – bidet mixer


Series: Pinar

Finish: Chrome


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Pinar series of bathroom mixers includes rounded as well as soft and straight, definite lines which can be found on levers and spouts.
Such design optically slenderizes the mixers which can be suited to any style, from classic to modern, as it brings new wave and innovation. Spout in upright models is slightly extended to ensure as best water stream as possible. Mixers are available in two different finishes, and the bathroom will receive shine with chrome, while modernity with matt black finish. The collection includes five mixer models which will allow to furnish the whole bathroom.
Streamline shapes ensure easy cleaning and prevent collection of water on the surface and formation of unaesthetic lime runs. Pinar is also an environmentally-friendly series. Neoperl aerators fitted in spouts aerate water stream which in turn results in lower water consumption.

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